Motor Claims

Third Party Personal Injury

Third Party Personal Injury Inside the MoJ

WNS Assistance employs a dedicated Ministry of Justice (MoJ) team with MoJ competencies to ensure optimum handling of personal injury claims within the MoJ portal.

Our team strives to make quick, commercial decisions on portal claims, maximising cost savings through portal retention. Workflow systems enable accurate diary control and proactive handling of claims, resulting in consistent, independently validated leakage audit results of less than 1.5%.

WNSA is able to handle all MoJ claims of any complexity up to the value of £100,000. Our expert personal injury team includes members with claimant and defendant solicitor backgrounds, as well as insurer backgrounds, meaning we have the correct skill sets to handle a large spectrum of higher value and complex claims. Claims with a value above £100,000, such as catastrophic loss, fatality and serious head injury claims, are managed through WNSA’s (or client-elected) panel of solicitors or client personnel.

Third Party Personal Injury

Taking a Proactive Approach

Third Party Personal Injury Outside the MOJ

Our expert team of personal injury handlers control non-portal claims in the same way as portal claims, using system workflow to ensure proactive control of the claim. Experienced handlers, together with tight case management, ensure commercial judgements are made quickly and third party costs are minimised.

Where an injury is identified during the first notification of loss (FNOL) capture process, WNSA can refer the third party, depending on their preference and in accordance with “Treating the Customer Fairly” policies, to WNS Legal Assistance for representation or medical rehabilitation, and desktop handling where representation is not a requirement.

Management Information

All our personal injury data is stored and available within our MI reporting suite to analyse average settlements against industry ranges for respective injury types, settlements broken down by third party solicitor, and settlements against different heads of damage (PSLA, claimant costs, defendant costs, medical, rehabilitation, care, etc.)

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