Motor Claims

First Notification of Loss

A Round-The-Clock FNOL Service

The WNS Assistance First Notification of Loss (FNOL) team operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so are always on hand to deliver outstanding customer service, offering a comprehensive incident notification service and hassle-free repairs and recovery.

Our unique service draws on decades of domain expertise, professionally delivered using proven processes and our market-leading claims automation technology to drive down clients’ costs and deliver customer service excellence from the outset of the claim. We focus on full, accurate and empathetic data capture and gaining a complete understanding of each customer’s needs to ensure further calls are not required, as well as triaging for non-fault, personal injury and fraud claims.

First Notification of Loss

Always Putting the Customer First

Our team is always on hand to offer immediate, fast and accurate data capture, whilst delivering an empathetic response tailored to every customer’s individual needs. Following a comprehensive incident notification, we endeavour to keep customers going, offering recovery of the driver and vehicle where needed, and taking them to the nearest point of onward travel.

Through our in-house system, we are able to drive down clients’ indemnity spend and reduce customers’ key-to-key times. Customers are kept in the loop every step of the way via their preferred method of communication, receiving instant confirmation of their claim.

Supporting Telematics 24/7

WNS Assistance can support 24/7 FNOL integration with our clients’ own telematics solutions for immediate customer assistance and claims capture, with proactive responses to all telematics alerts and rapid response triggers for emergency situations.

Our FNOL Advantage

Our fully white-labelled, end-to-end service allows data capture to be bespoke to customer requirements, while also supporting client-specific workflows. We operate a UK-wide service, all-year round, including full coordination of vehicle recovery and onward mobility. Our FNOL team is highly-skilled, empathetic, responsive and FCA-compliant, with an average customer satisfaction score of 96%.

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