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Non-Fault Accident Management Specialists

Accidents Happen is our dedicated, in-house, credit hire and repair service for customers involved in a non-fault accident.

As part of one of the UK’s largest third-party accident management providers, Accidents Happen offers reassuring strength and stability, delivering superior pricing coupled with an end-to-end solution that includes first notification of loss, credit hire, credit repair and personal injury claims, as well as third-party capture.

All of our services are managed in-house, 24/7, by our knowledgeable advisors, following specifically designed, proven processes to reduce the inconvenience of non-fault accidents.

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Non Fault

The Comprehensive Non-Fault Solution

Accidents Happen offers a comprehensive solution for customers involved in non-fault accidents, including a ‘like for like’ vehicle replacement, free legal representation, credit repair, retention of no claims bonus, free legal representation and no excess to pay, all whilst delivering exceptional customer experience. Our specialist team manages the entire claims process on the customer’s behalf, ensuring that they are back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our national repairer network and partnerships with some of the UK’s largest hire providers allow us to deliver a quality repair and replacement vehicle service, at a time and location to suit our customers. All this combined with our skilled staff and innovative technology means that we are trusted to deliver complete satisfaction by customers nationwide.

Call us on
0344 701 9247
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