Motor Claims

Third Party Intervention

Proactive Third Party Intervention

WNSA’s third party intervention process is designed to be proactive – quickly and accurately assessing and acting upon the needs of third parties while also remaining truly transparent. Successful intervention is measured by the overall reduction in third-party cost exposure.

Our solution is all-encompassing, reducing take-up of credit hire solutions and removing the need for the third party to report their claim to their insurer, either because their claim is too insignificant or there is nothing for the insurer to resolve. This dramatically reduces insurer and broker outbound marketing on non-fault services, delivering real cost savings.

If during First Notification of Loss (FNOL), it is apparent that a personal injury has been sustained by the third-party driver or any passengers, the WNSA solution enables these claims to be handled by our in-house legal ABS, WNS Legal Assistance.

Third Party Intervention

Efficient Communication

Accompanying our 24/7 FNOL service, we aim to make contact with the third party within 15 minutes of the FNOL call. If the initial contact attempt is unsuccessful, a second attempt is made within two hours, and an email or letter is sent to the third party within 24 hours.

All parties are kept up to date throughout the process by their preferred channel of communication, whether that’s phone, email or SMS. With this process, WNS Assistance has successfully achieved an average of 96% customer satisfaction.

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