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Mitigation, Repair, Restoration & Reinstatement

For nearly 30 years, WNSA has delivered innovative claims management solutions in the UK. Through bespoke technology, process efficiency and transparency, we are able to provide innovative restoration and repair services within the property claims sector.

Our property claims solution offers expertise in mitigation, repair, restoration and reinstatement claims management for buildings claims. We offer an end-to-end solution from policy and claims validation through to drying, repair and management of alternative accomodation, with our unique approach significantly reducing claims cycle times and delivering consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

Repair / Restorations

Our Dedicated Team

Our experienced team coordinates repairs between multiple suppliers for complex cases, ensuring that they deliver repairs within pre-agreed service level agreements, and to the high standards that are expected. With its case management approach, the WNSA property team validate contractor costs and scope, whilst working directly with the insurers, chosen validation parter and/or adjusters.

The committed network management team ensure compliance with building, health and safety and legislative regulations, whilst managing and maintaining our UK-wide builder network.

Comprehensive Supply Chain

WNS Assistance has an extensive and independent builder repair network of over 40 contractors, providing full UK coverage, with a comprehensive home emergency service and high net worth option.

Our network has the capacity to respond to all types of property claims, including leak detection, drying and restoration, glazing and security, subsidence, drainage and water supply, asbestos testing and removal, alternative accommodation and smart repairs. WNSA is also able to provide temporary kitchen and bathroom pods in order to mitigate alternative accommodation claims.

Call us on
0344 854 1122
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