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A First-Class Credit Hire Service

Whether a third party has chosen to use a standard repairer, or if they have chosen a credit hire solution, our team of professionals use state-of-the-art software coupled with years of experience to scrutinise the details of the claim and ensure fair costs have been applied.

WNS Assistance’s wholly-owned credit hire subsidiary, Accidents Happen, shares its understanding of market trends and tactics with our credit hire defence service, allowing us to apply these to our own credit defence offering.

Credit Hire Defence

Capitalise on Intervention

Where an offer of services (either for repair or an alternative vehicle) has been made to the third party, our team of credit hire defence handlers will exploit the mitigation argument (in tandem with copies of the Copley-compliant offer letter) to cap the cost of the hire element of a credit claim.

The team has an extensive strategy around (amongst other things), responses to mitigation questionnaires from credit hire organisations, availability of hire vehicles, suitability of hire vehicles (in partnership with our engineering team), excesses applicable to the hire, and proof of delivery.

Credit Engineering

Our in-house engineers specialise in ‘reverse engineering’ credit repair costs and have access to a substantial database of nationwide manufacturer labour rates, which is constantly updated.

Our dedicated team will review, challenge and negotiate any associated costs, including credit hire relevance, period of hire, delays and fair pricing. Applying these methods, our negotiation tactics have proven to be successful.

Credit Hire Defence Tactics

Our credit hire defence handlers employ a strategy built around our understanding of the operating model of a credit hire organisation. This involves tactics such as:

  • Early quantification and payment of our likely exposure on repair costs/total loss payments to de-incentivise the credit hire organisation and place the risk at their door.
  • Effective credit hire calculation tools to analyse liability position, independent evidence and permissible durations, and speed up settlement calculations.
Call us on
0344 701 9247
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