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Large Losses

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Large Losses Capability

Our claims system employs analytic dashboards to identify triggers for potential large losses and highlight them as early as possible to drive accurate referral and reserving. These triggers are based on propensity models which look at historic data and outcomes to pinpoint likely catastrophic losses.

Large Losses

Dedicated End-to-End Support


Our initial review process ensures that, as early as possible in the claim process, we have gone to every possible source to obtain information about a potential catastrophic loss, including local/social media, emergency services reporting, CCTV and telematics.

Case Handling

At WNS Assistance, we have the capability to handle large losses within delegated authority, or can refer files for management by client-elected personnel. WNSA retains visibility of every case, governing first-party costs, providing value-added input in relation to tactical approach, and supporting in the following ways:

  • Attending case management meetings
  • Review of reports as relevant to the case (e.g. care, rehabilitation, housing, future needs, education/re-training, engineering, reconstruction)
  • Recommendations on case management strategy (including selection of experts)
  • Attending meetings with counsel
  • Achieving agreement with our client and providing instructions to our solicitors
  • Maintaining our own case review and assessment and, where appropriate, introducing and discussing different approach options with our solicitors
  • Assessing the basis of advice received (e.g. solicitors)
  • Monitoring spend of interim payments
  • Maintaining a focus on developments and informing our client as appropriate (e.g. recent developments to infant costs budgeting)
  • Assessment of ‘carer needs’ to include possible support which could assist the ability to maintain gratuitous care, focused on removing the risk for professional care and avoiding application of commercial care rates
  • Full visibility of the current status of “large losses” via our online dashboard capability
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