Motor Claims

Repair Network

Supply Chain Management Excellence

WNS Assistance has a UK-wide network of over 200 approved repairers, all of whom are fully independent, delivering a cost-effective and high-quality service. Each of our repairers is regularly and professionally audited to BSI10125 standard, scored for performance, capability and capacity.

Proactively managed by our regionally-based Network Managers, each repairer is awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze accreditation based on an ongoing assessment of the service they deliver. This continuous assessment programme is driven by the criteria that are deemed most important to our clients, such as compliance with service levels, adherence to client-agreed parts policies, customer satisfaction scores, average off-road times and the safe disposal of waste materials.

Repair Network

Reassurance & Peace of Mind

Every repair carried out in our network has a five-year workmanship guarantee for all paint and body repairs, as well as a manufacturer warranty to cover all mechanical components. We work closely with our supplier partners to guarantee courtesy car provision where required, and will take customers to the nearest point of onward travel where a recovery is necessary.

Enhanced Customer Experience

WNS Assistance offers operational services aligned to each customer’s needs, with rapid repair, smart repair and mobile estimating all available. We endeavour to always keep our clients’ customers updated, providing access to our claims-tracking app so they can check the status of their repair at any time. This is supported by our market-leading software, integrated with our body shops, delivering real-time vehicle repair data. Our digital automation is tailored to enable timely updates to each customer on the progress of their repair.

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