Property Claims

Subrogated Recovery

Subrogated Recoveries Supported by WNSLA

Our subsidiary WNS Legal Assistance (WNSLA) uses its expertise and market-leading technology to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients within favourable timescales. In addition to uninsured loss, credit hire and credit repair recovery, WNSLA has developed a comprehensive insured loss recovery claims management solution to support our property function.

We offer an end-to-end solution from prospect validation to intimation against the at-fault party and litigation, where required, to maximise success. Our dedicated team is able to deal with the subrogated recovery of an insured loss, and is experienced in recovering these losses quickly for clients.

Subrogated Recovery

Comprehensive Recoveries Service Offering

Our specialist team of recoveries handlers cater to both low and large-value claims. WNSLA also has access to forensic scientists to ensure we gather the correct evidence at the outset of the claim, and also have litigation capability where it is required.

WNSLA’s Recoveries Advantage

Our dedicated case management team is committed to a client-focussed approach, resulting in minimum inconvenience to the client. Our streamlined processes ensure timely and cost-effective case handling, with the maximum recoveries identified and recovered.

With these methods, and our expert claims handlers being available at every stage, we have successfully achieved a customer satisfaction score of over 90%.

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