Motor Claims


In-House Engineers

Our team of in-house desktop engineers has experience across a full range of vehicle types and manufacturers, including modified and high-performance cars, LCVs and HGVs. Drawing upon each engineer’s unique skill set, we work to a ‘Right Engineer, Right Estimate’ model, matching a professional to every individual claim, delivering cost control, indemnity savings and reduced vehicle off road times.


5.19% Average Savings Per Vehicle

At WNS Assistance, we physically scrutinise every estimate, no matter the value, ensuring tight control of our clients’ indemnified repair spend. WNSA does not subscribe to auto-authority thresholds for low-cost repairs as these mechanisms have been proven to increase costs.

Our engineers analyse 100% of customer repair claims, ensuring that the most appropriate repair methodology is selected, together with the quality parts that are most suited to the vehicle and its use. This has proven to result in 5.19% additional indemnity savings. Every engineer is supported by the industry-trusted Audatex platform and Thatcham Integrated Methods, as well as Thatcham’s 24-hour technical helpline.

Industry-Leading Low Leakage

As well as checking estimates, repair methodology and parts, our engineers audit each case to ensure incident details correlate with damaged areas of the vehicle, pre-accident values are verified, and correct labour rates and parts prices have been applied. Using this methodology, 98% of estimates are authorised within one day.

Our engineers complete further weekly internal leakage audits during the claims process, resulting in average leakage levels that are over 2% lower than the market average.

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