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Claimant Personal Injury

WNS Legal Assistance (WNSLA) is one of the UK’s leading firms of dedicated personal injury solicitors, assisting victims of road traffic accidents to recover damages for injuries and losses from the negligent party’s insurance company. Our specialist team of handlers provide effective and honest advice when dealing with a claim.

Our areas of personal injury claims handling include road traffic accidents, workplace injuries, slip and trip claims, cycling accidents, pedestrian claims, and criminal injuries.

A Compassionate Approach

At WNSLA, we aim to be approachable, ethical and compassionate to our clients at what can be a very difficult and stressful time. We advise clients using terminology that they can understand, making the process a friendlier and more open experience.

Our specialist and experienced handlers are there at every stage of the claim, from first notification through to litigation, applying their knowledge and expertise. They also assess all clients’ rehabilitation needs and will source this treatment through our specialist supplier partners, taking a client-focussed approach throughout the claims process.

Delivering the Best Outcomes

Accompanied by our market-leading technology, WNSLA is seamlessly integrated with other areas of the WNS group, providing an effective end-to-end customer journey. With our streamlined case handling and dedicated FNOL function, our personal injury services achieve over 90% customer satisfaction.

Call us on
0344 248 6910
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