Legal Claims


Specialist Legal Defence

At WNS Legal Assistance (WNSLA), we have a wealth of expertise in acting on behalf of defendants. WNSLA operates effectively as an extension of our clients’ own claims teams to help minimise overall claim spend and enhance their reputation for excellent client care.

WNSLA has an experienced defence team made up of solicitors and support staff. The team is supported by our market-leading technology and takes a client-focussed approach to claims handling and litigation, aimed at achieving the best possible outcomes for clients within optimal timescales. We take a pragmatic approach which enables us to deliver cost-effective solutions for our clients.


Experts Across the Board

Our many areas of expertise include workplace injuries; road traffic accidents; cycling accidents; slip & trip claims; pedestrian claims; credit hire; LVI matters; infant approval hearing; fraud; and high-value multi-track claims both pre- and post-litigation.

Our defence service offers our customers specialist and experienced handlers at every stage of the claim, both pre- and post-litigation and on a delegated and non-delegated basis. Our expert handlers undertake liability investigations, negotiations, joint settlement meetings, mediation, advocacy and pleadings.

Delivering Value to Our Clients

Our vastly experienced and highly skilled team of professionals are there to help at every stage of the claim process, always working with the client in mind. With our tried and tested ‘Know Your Opponent’ and litigation avoidance strategies, our legal defence team has achieved an average customer satisfaction score of over 90%.

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