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Five ways you can improve the efficiency of your property claims process

Oct 02 2015
By Jade Ratley

From outstanding customer service through to controlling costs and managing risk, an efficient property claims process is vital for both insurers and customers.

Yet with every claim unique in its circumstances and its resolution, creating a slick operation that works for all claims requires faultless processes, proactive people with industry expertise, quality management information and great technology to glue it all together.

At WNS Assistance we have done just that, with five key aspects that are proven to improve the efficiency of the property claims process:

Proven processes for greater control

From the moment a claim is notified, right through to settlement and the collection of customer feedback afterwards, each specialist team within the claims management business works together to ensure speed of service and seamless continuity.

Our processes extend throughout the business, including our wholly independent approved network of repairers. Each of these is regularly reviewed and scored for performance, capability and capacity to enable greater claims cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction as well.

Proactive people to tailor service

From First Notification of Loss through to settlement, our people – with their proactive nature and unique skillsets – make the difference at WNS Assistance.

Investing in recruitment, employee development and retention are all key to success, ensuring employees have the support, the knowledge and the professional experience to be the best in the business.

Management information to continuously improve

Analysing the process is key, and arming our teams and our clients with regular management information delivers us continuing opportunities to adapt to new situations and improve.

Effectively analysing the business intelligence created from processes and supporting software enables us to exceed service expectations and corporate goals and objectives.

Looking into the future with market know how

Great claims management business relies on much more than claims management experience. People with real expertise in the industry help to ensure we stay ahead of market change, as well as offering understanding to clients, customers and suppliers.

All of our people have access to the development opportunities to ensure leading industry expertise.

Supporting technology

Ensuring a seamless approach to the claims management process, using high end supporting technology is paramount. This enables greater visibility for effective cost control, customer communication and service, as well as interactive dashboard reporting on areas of risk or trends.

One size doesn’t fit all claims management needs and so, at WNS Assistance, we have developed and continually invest in our own in house .Net software and supply chain automation tools.

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