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Making Property Claims Management Work For Your Business

Nov 09 2015
By Jade Ratley

Customer expectations are changing the way the business world works, and this is as true of property claims management as it is for any other industry.

Understanding the need to adapt with these changes, at WNS Assistance we’ve developed a flexible approach to our processes, tailoring our services to the requirements of our clients and, of course, their customers.

The latest research from the Institute of Customer Service shows that, while customer satisfaction across all industries appears to have stabilised after two years of decline, actually customers are still far less satisfied than they were three years ago.

What is even more interesting is that the Institute has also found a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and customer retention – 96% of customers who give a rating of nine or more out of ten are likely to remain a customer of that business, whereas only 65% of customers who give a rating of eight are likely to remain a customer. That’s a big leap!

This all has important implications for business – as customer expectations rise, so competition and the pace of change increases and the demands on businesses intensify.

Here we investigate just three of the ways we have found make a difference to customer satisfaction and how we are binding them all together.


Your customers want a service that is always on. Responding to this, core teams should also be available 24/7/365.

What is more, your customers want to be communicated to, proactively, in different ways. Offering a choice – whether phone, SMS, email or helpful Apps – gives the power to your customers, making them feel more in command of their situation.


Making sure you have the technology at your fingertips – and in the hands of your suppliers and the stakeholders in your business process – makes delivering outstanding service possible. And when it comes to technology, a system designed with the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs is imperative.

Again, communication plays a big role here, and the digital era has made it possible to keep clients and customers informed at all times.


Sticking with technology, you need your management information to be available when you want it, how you want it. Giving you the insight required to ensure time efficiency, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction, total transparency is key.

Binding It Together With PropertyNet

At WNS Assistance we have developed PropertyNet, a system that not only delivers you a flexible collaborative working model with full process transparency and control, it also offers your customers and stakeholders the communications they want, however they want them.

PropertyNet has been designed by industry experts and professionals in both the claims management and the property arenas. While other systems boast a pre-defined approach, hosted on a .Net platform, PropertyNet has the flexibility to be implemented around your unique business needs.

At any point in the conversation, you can use these key phrases
  1. Restart - clear context and start fresh (don't worry, you will still be signed in, if you have already done so)
  2. Bye - close conversation
  3. Help - display this help info
  4. Feedback - Provide feedback about current conversation
  5. Handoff - Request for transfer to human executive
  6. Menu - Display main query categories