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Awards abound for WNS Assistance

Sep 21 2015
By Jade Ratley

Recognised industry-wide for customer service excellence

When it comes to rewards and recognition for customer service, we don’t think it can get much better than positive personal feedback.

Gauging customer satisfaction is something we do at WNS Assistance as a matter of course – inviting customers across the range of services that we deliver to take part in our surveys.

The overall customer satisfaction scores speak for themselves, with an average score of over 96% achieved. Our figures show that’s rising too – the score was up 1.45% from the previous year’s 94.8%.

These figures have been recognised by the industry as a whole as well. We have been finalists in six out of the seven hotly contested insurance industry awards that we have entered so far in 2015. And we were chosen as the Commercial Insurance Awards 2015 Fleet Service Provider of the Year.

Delivering Service Excellence

These achievements aren’t accidental. Our WNS Assistance company-wide initiative, Delivering Service Excellence, engages every one of our employees and our suppliers, targeting seven core service improvements:

  • Choice of communication – including telephone, SMS, email and web
  • Management by exception – quickly identifying any issues and resolving them
  • Supplier management – delivering consistently service excellence throughout the process
  • Supplier channelling – sending work to the best performing suppliers
  • Proactive communications – making sure the customer is kept up to date at every stage
  • Full transparency – process automation ensuring a seamless service

Placing our clients and their customers at the very core of everything we do at WNS Assistance, we are looking forward to sharing more positive results and recognition as they come in.

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