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Fight Fraud, Cut Costs

Jul 27 2017
By Jade Ratley

Cutting The Cost Of Insurance Fraud?

With one in seven personal injury claims linked to suspected cash for crash cases and the latest ABI statistics showing that fraud across the industry costs our market over £1.3 billion every year, insurance fraud needs to be high on the agenda.
In fact, insurance fraud is costing each of our innocent policyholders around £50 a year and, with IPT rising, every penny saved really does count.

Continuously Scoring Throughout The Claim Lifecycle

From automated triaging at FNOL, with WNS Assistance every claim is continuously scored using data analytics and, when appropriate, is referred and comprehensively investigated by our in house fraud management experts. A process that saves our clients hundreds of thousands every year.

WNS Assistance – Working For You To Fight Insurance Fraud

Cutting the cost of insurance fraud is all part of the one stop service from WNS Assistance – designed to deliver our insurer clients with market leading digitised process automation, indemnity cost control and outstanding customer service.

We would welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our team, allowing you to see, first hand, how our operations could help to power your business forward – competitively. To book your visit and to find out more about our one stop service, please call Mark Turner on 07967303709 or email

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