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Broker Business - Make More With MotorNet

May 24 2017
By Jade Ratley

BIBA CEO, Steve White, warned of a metaphorical ‘perfect insurance storm’ in his opening address at the BIBA Conference this month. As we look ahead toward Brexit, IPT increases and the effects on the market of changes to the Ogden discount rate, it’s clear that businesses with effective and efficient processes, offering true customer service excellence, will be better positioned to weather that storm.

Technology has been touted as one of the most important things for brokers to gain momentum with this year. Today’s policyholders expect higher levels of service and an almost always on culture.

Keeping up with that demand can prove challenging, especially in the busy broker environment. Flexible and collaborative digitised systems and having access to claims files – from FNOL information through to repair estimates and invoices – are paramount.

Offering process efficiencies, technology used well can make a big difference to a business – allowing more time for day to day sales activity and impacting positively on the bottom line.

We are working with our broker partners to power into 2017 with a fully digitised solution that is supported by dedicated professionals and market leading software. Delivering an ethical and commercially beneficial one stop solution to non fault motor claims that offers a superior customer journey and an outstanding claims experience.

Introducing MotorNet – Take One Stop To Power Broker Business Forward

MotorNet is the market leading claims management technology, developed by WNS Assistance to deliver the customer service excellence and indemnity cost control needed to gain and maintain the competitive edge.

Highly flexible and responsive, it provides brokers with full visibility, powerful risk management information and real time communication across the claim lifecycle.

Built on a cloud based software system, MotorNet is designed to facilitate collaborative working between brokers and our claims management teams, giving you secure, real time access to every aspect of your customer’s claims file.

Incident records, estimates, invoices and all correspondence, including telephone notes and emails, are available on your desktop, laptop or mobile device, wherever and whenever you need them.

  • Full details of the incident (all information collected from driver and/or any third parties)
  • Full details of the repair (key dates, current status, financials)
  • All financial information (reserves, actuals, hires, repairs)
  • Communication details (emails, telephone notes, letters, SMS, driver satisfaction scores)
  • All associated documentation (images, repair instruction, estimates, engineer reports, claim forms, invoices, letters)

Taking advantage of MotorNet is just one of the benefits of the WNS Assistance one stop claims management solution. To find out more about MotorNet and the benefits it could bring to your broker business, please contact James Whittle on 07860 503349 or email

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