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Century Underwriting Partners With WNS Assistance For Motor Claims Services

Oct 02 2017
By Jade Ratley

Century Underwriting & WNS Assistance – Working Together for a One Stop Solution

Century Underwriting is committed to adding value to the underwriting process, delivering thoughtful and effective solutions. Their approach to dealing with claims is no different, ensuring that all incidents are handled with the same care and attention.

With the desire to deliver a complete end-to-end service with excellent customer satisfaction, Century Underwriting appointed Richard Metcalfe as their new Claims Manager in 2017. Following a comprehensive review, Century Underwriting chose WNS Assistance to handle their claims based on the full complement of services available, as well as the company’s credentials for reduced downtime, enhanced indemnity savings and cost control.

All as a part of the “One Stop” solution offered by WNS Assistance, Century Underwriting will be fully represented by our end-to-end service.

24/7 365 FNOL – Allowing for enhanced customer assistance, as well as more effective management of the claim – 24 hour claims support is an essential service offered by WNS Assistance.

Third Party Capture – The faster third parties are contacted, the more effective the resolution. WNS Assistance delivers consistently high conversion rates, providing high impact indemnified cost savings.

Downtime Management & Cost Control – Our proactive communication processes work to reduce downtime to a minimum, delivering clear cost control.

Professional & Experienced Service – Experienced specialists in accident management, we channel our professional expertise into our clients’ customer service – from FNOL through to managing repairs.

Advantageous Repair Rates – The repairer rates leveraged through trusted network connections and our power as a leading buyer of repairs in the UK offer even greater budget benefits.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction – Providing outstanding customer service delivers enhanced brand and reputation protection for our clients – average customer satisfaction stands at over 96%.

To find out more about the one-stop support offered by WNS Assistance, call Mark Turner on 07967 303709. Alternately speak with Ian White Century Underwriting Manger on 07780 601580 and talk through your requirements today.

Click here to read Mark Turner’s LinkedIn article

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