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Easy as ABC - End to end home delivery accident management

Oct 12 2015
By Jade Ratley

For a fleet manager looking for a suitable claims management partner, finding a company with the professional skills and experience in a given industry sector is often key.

When it comes to managing the risks associated with fleets for home delivery networks, this can be even more critical. With a fleet of vehicles that is pulling on to customers’ premises on a regular basis and with drivers who are required to enter customers’ property on an equally regular basis, the risks for home delivery networks span third party property, liability and legal, as well as motor claims.

Placing the claims management for home delivery networks into a fairly unique arena, there’s an easy ABC to help make sure your home delivery customers stay happy and your business keeps moving.

A is for Association

Brand association is everything. Whether you’re providing outstanding service without a hiccup, or if you need to resolve an issue that’s arisen in the manner that suits them best, it’s all about customer retention.

Keeping your customers happy when things go wrong can be challenging. Speed of service – from making first contact with the customer through to agreeing a resolution and making it happen to a high standard is crucial.

So, too, is finding a partner who can offer an end to end service for your claims management, not only getting your own vehicle back on the road speedily and safely, but also resolving your customer’s claim – whether it’s for damage to their perimeter fence or mud on their carpet – quickly and efficiently.

With MotorNet from WNS Assistance, clients’ brands are also protected via a ‘red alert’ email system, alerting and auto-escalating potentially damaging claims to key stakeholders within the client’s team.

Your customer service shopping list:

  • Outstanding customer satisfaction results
  • Full end to end claims management solutions
  • Communication tailored to client and customer needs

B is for Business

To stay in business, your fleet needs to be on the road. Understanding this, the processes used in most claims management scenarios need to be turned inside out.

Here, much more so than for other industries, speed is of the essence, reducing downtime and key-to-key times to get working vehicles back on track. The services offered by your claims management partner should reflect this, and could do so in a number of ways, from offering mobile estimates and repairs, providing one day repairs and by putting replacement ahead of repair where this will assist with speed of service.

Recognising the damaging effects claims can have on client businesses, WNS Assistance offers a two-step approach to the recovery process. This tailored service ensures a replacement vehicle can be despatched to carry on with deliveries or the damaged vehicle can be recovered via the depot to unload any undelivered parcels.

Your business continuity shopping list:

  • Effective downtime management
  • Fully trained industry professionals
  • Coordinated recovery, tailored to your business

C is for Cost

As with all industry sectors, effective cost management should also play a key role in the benefits offered by your claims management partner.

The speedy resolution of claims – whether for your customers or for your own fleet – will offer cost savings. Choose a partner with the professionals in place to check and challenge estimates and costs, as well as the technology to deliver management information that is flexible to your business needs.

Adding in the buying power to achieve preferential rates from an independent network of repairers can achieve even greater cost efficiencies.

WNS Assistance offers bespoke repairer schedules for each fleet, delivering tailored rates, requirements and discounts.

Your cost management shopping list:

  • Proactive people and proven processes
  • Independent network of repairers
  • Quality management information

WNS Assistance offers home delivery fleet managers with a complete solution to claims management, delivering motor – both fault and non-fault – legal and property expertise with a tailored and streamlined end to end service.

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