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Fleet focus - shifting your claims management up a gear

Oct 21 2015
By Jade Ratley

The landscape is changing for fleet managers. With telematics providing the information needed to manage risk effectively, technology is making a real difference.

While this goldmine of information is helping to reduce the number of claims many fleet managers have to administer, when a claim comes through it still needs to be dealt with quickly and cost efficiently.

Adding to the picture, claims management software can deliver new layers of depth to your risk analysis, going back to basics to help to protect your fleet as well as your brand.

Back to B-A-S-I-C-S


Your business is on the road, and that’s where the vehicles in your fleet need to be too.

Recognising this, your claims management partner should be in the business of resolving claims in the most time efficient and cost effective manner.

Much will depend on the industry you are in, which is why looking for a solution that can be tailored to your requirements is a good idea – from made to measure schedules of rates and taking a tailored approach to the recovery process, through to flexible management information from fully configurable dashboards.


The thoughts and emotions that both customers and the wider world associate with your brand can make big difference to your sales and your bottom line.

Claims are stressful for everyone involved in the incident, and keeping your customers and third parties happy when things go wrong can be challenging.

You need to be able to act on issues quickly, and finding a solution that keeps you in the loop, as quickly as possible, can be key to limiting potentially damaging scenarios.


Vehicle downtime and key-to-key times are vital for cost efficiency and for keeping your business driving forwards.

The services offered by your claims management partner should reflect your organisational requirements, with people and processes that have the flexibility to work your way.


Delivering timely, high quality management information, technology is also a key consideration.

As well as information on performance, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness, choosing a partner with the technology to integrate with your own systems, delivering timely alerts to allow your team to react to potential issues, can prove indispensable.


Cost management should also play a key role in the benefits offered by your claims management partner.

Reduced downtimes will, generally, ensure costs are kept in check and selecting a partner with the professional people in place to challenge estimates and rates is imperative. This, coupled with the buying power to achieve preferential rates from a wholly independent repairer network can achieve even greater cost efficiencies.


Providing an outstanding service to your customers helps to deliver brand and reputation protection for your business.

Selecting to partner with specialists in all aspects of the claims management cycle – including property and legal issues if you need them – means that you could benefit from further cost efficiencies and greater levels of customer satisfaction.

WNS Assistance offers fleet managers a complete, end to end solution to claims management, delivering motor – both fault and non-fault – legal and property expertise with a tailored and streamlined service.

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