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Buying In To The Benefits Of A True End-To-End Claims Management Solution With WNS Assistance

Nov 04 2015
By Jade Ratley

There aren’t many real one stop solutions in life, and in the claims management arena, that is especially true.

With customers receiving ever greater promises of customer satisfaction across the online stores and similar industries, though, they are also placing more emphasis on the service they experience in other areas.

In claims management, many providers include customer satisfaction as a key benefit, but with customers going through multiple hand-offs as they deal with the motor, property and legal aspects of their claims separately, that satisfaction can easily diminish.

The Benefits Of Choosing A One-Stop Claims Management Solution

Choosing to outsource to a provider offering a full end to end service has never been easier, and the benefits speak for themselves:

Seamless Customer Journey

Allowing your customer to relax, knowing that every aspect of their claim is being covered with only one relationship to manage, an end to end service that includes motor, property and legal claims, as well as third party services and credit hire solutions, delivers a customer service that’s second to none.

Brand Management

Your reputation is in your claims handlers’ hands. Choosing to place all aspects of your customers’ claims with one single provider helps to deliver the reassurance that your brand image will remain intact or, even better, may be enhanced.

Downtime Management

As the full claims process is accelerated, so vehicle downtime, and the claim lifecycle can be minimised, helping to manage the risk of negative associations as a result of any incident.

Cost Control

With faster claims turnarounds comes greater cost control, delivering tangible benefits to your bottom line.

Data Protection

With all customer data being processed under one roof, and with minimal information tranfers taking place, data protection and compliance with the Data Protection Act are simplified.

Proven Processes

Taking years of experience in successful claims management, and applying that, coupled with new skills and expertise as new services are added into the mix, ensures a joined up and professional approach.

Management Information

The management information you receive is critical to your understanding of the success of the claims management provision your customers are experiencing. Choosing to work with just one supplier for the entire claims process means that you will receive just one set of management information, immediately giving you the whole picture with no need for data to be blended or amalgamated.

The WNS Assistance Full Claims Service Solution

WNS Assistance offers a truly competitive end to end claims management solution, including motor – both fault and non-fault, property and legal claims. Applying the learnings from years of claims management expertise, we have developed a menu of professional services that can flex to the unique needs of each of our clients.

Complementing our industry know how, we have developed a range of .Net software solutions that deliver a suite of powerful management information.

What’s more, our teams of professionals, based in our offices in Cheadle, Ipswich and Mansfield, are on hand 24/7/365 to ensure our clients and their customers experience the WNS Assistance service at any time.

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