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Fleet Services Provider of the Year Delivers Four Cornerstones of Service

Nov 04 2015
By Jade Ratley

Many companies and providers boast of their market-leading services, especially in respect of satisfaction levels, but many customers suggest otherwise.

In fact, research by the Institute of Customer Service suggests that, while eighty per cent of businesses state that they offer a great customer experience, only eight per cent of customers feel the same way.

At WNS Assistance, we centre on four cornerstones of service, with customer satisfaction and, therefore, our clients’ brand equity at their core.

We collect personal feedback from as many customers as we can – it’s our aim to gather it from every customer experiencing our service. We think the results speak for themselves, with an average satisfaction rate of over ninety six per cent.

This was recognised this year when we were voted as the ‘Fleet Services Provider of the Year’ at the prestigious Commercial Insurance Awards in central London.

The Commercial Insurance Awards are organised annually, acknowledging the achievements of organisations and service providers in the insurance industry.

WNS Assistance’s winning submission detailed the market-leading services we provide to the fleet industry, including a comprehensive accident management service, best in class vehicle off road time and lowest average repair costs. It also recognised our high customer satisfaction scores.

Tim Rankin, Managing Director of WNS Assistance, said: “It is a real honour to have our work recognised in this way by members of the industry.

“Whether our clients – fleets, insurers and brokers alike – choose to take a full, end to end solution from WNS Assistance or they select from our menu of services, including motor, property and legal assistance, we recognise the importance of customer service to our clients’ brands, placing it at the heart of our provision.”

Four Cornerstones Surround Award Winning Service from WNS Assistance


With a need to act on incidents and issues quickly, delivering a solution that keeps both clients and customers in the loop can be critical to limiting potentially damaging scenarios.

Offering a range of communication options to customers, including our downloadable app, with MotorNet from WNS Assistance, our clients also benefit from added brand protection via a ‘red alert’ email system, auto-escalating potentially damaging claims to key stakeholders within their team.

Downtime Management

Key to key times are crucial for fleets – for making sure costs are kept to a minimum and for keeping your business on the road.

At WNS Assistance our people are all experts in their fields, understanding the processes – from FNOL through to repairs – and delivering a streamlined approach and the flexibility needed for successful downtime management.

Cost Efficiency

Reduced downtimes will, generally, ensure costs are kept in check and having the professionals in place to challenge estimates and rates is also vital.

WNS Assistance employs people with the industry know how to review at every stage of the process. What’s more, as a leader in the industry, we have the buying power to achieve preferential rates from an independent network of repairers for even greater efficiencies.

Management Information

Management information that can flex to your changing business needs offers insight at every stage of the claims management process – from performance and customer satisfaction through to cost effectiveness.

At WNS Assistance we continually invest in our own in house software, including our market leading .Net web based supply chain automation tool – MotorNet – for greater visibility, effective cost control and flexible management information.

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