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Outsourcing the Strain of Claims - Broker Business Benefits Well Worth Exploring

Nov 26 2015
By Jade Ratley

From the very moment an incident is reported, right through to resolution, claims can create immeasurable pressure for a broker business.

That is not to say that every customer’s claim can be complex or problematic, though every claim does require input from a number of different areas of expertise. From First Notification of Loss reporting, through third party capture and management, dealing with repairers and supervising their work, right through to good old customer care and satisfaction.

Flexing To Your Business Needs – Claims Management Outsourcing

Whether you would like to outsource every aspect of your customers’ claims process, or if you would prefer to select certain aspects to contract out while maintaining some services in house, there are a number of benefits to your business.

Your Business Productivity

Claims management can be time consuming and can eat up a lot of your business resources, taking your people away from more profitable tasks. Time management is key – and this is most evident when considering FNOL and the increasing need for a twenty four hour phone provision.

For some brokers, though, keeping FNOL in house delivers an element of control, and outsourcing can be added after that stage of the process.

Whether you choose to outsource once you have collected FNOL information, or if you would prefer your customers to have access to your claims management partner’s FNOL service, selecting a partner to take on some or all of the claims management process can have real benefits for your bottom line.

Seamlessly Professional Expertise

The claims management process pulls on a wide range of skills, each of which reflect on your own customer service capabilities and brand management.

The empathy and analytical abilities needed for your FNOL team are succeeded by organisational aptitude to source the most suitable repairer. Of course, having a network of carefully selected repairers to choose from and a team of engineers to oversee them is also valuable.

Effective Downtime Management

Minimising vehicle downtime is critical to customer satisfaction, as well as to managing costs of claims.

During the repair process, in house professional engineers can scrutinise estimates, as well as the work being undertaken, sourcing quality parts and materials for the most cost effective prices and minimising downtime management.

Commercial Proposition

Competitive rates, revenue opportunities and an industry leading proposition are all key considerations for brokers selecting a claims management partner.

As well as offering a white label service that can flex to the needs of broker partners’ businesses, a tailored, flexible one-stop service spanning motor (both fault and non-fault), property and legal claims can deliver true cost and time efficiencies.

Plus, adding to productivity and profitability for your business, claims management companies are set up to manage cost control, including the identification of potentially fraudulent claims and access to up to the minute industry information, at every stage of the process.

Service Levels

Choosing to partner with a claims management company offering a full end to end service – from FNOL, through credit hire, property claims and legal assistance, to resolution, means that your customers will benefit from a seamless service, allowing them to relax during an otherwise stressful time.

What is more, with their vehicle downtime kept to a minimum, and with the levels of proactive communications that can be offered by a dedicated service provider, customer satisfaction levels, and therefore positive associations with your brand, can be consistently high.

Mobile phone interface

WNS Assistance Claims Management – End To End or Flexing To Your Needs

At WNS Assistance we offer a competitive end to end claims management solution, including motor – both fault and non-fault, property and legal claims. Applying the learnings from years of claims management expertise, we have developed a menu of professional services that can flex to the unique needs of each of our clients:

  • FNOL
  • Repair management
  • Credit hire
  • Credit repair
  • Third party capture
  • Third party claims handling
  • Engineering
  • Property
  • Legal assistance

Our professional people, based in our offices in Cheadle, Ipswich and Mansfield, are on hand 24/7/365 to ensure both brokers and their customers experience the award winning WNS Assistance service whenever it is needed.

Complementing our industry know how, we have also developed a range of .Net software solutions that deliver a suite of powerful management information to keep brokers and customers in the loop – every step of the way.

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