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Future proofing credit hire ahead of GTA rate reductions

Sep 22 2015
By Jade Ratley

Changes in the business environment are inevitable, but the rates agreed in the General Terms of Agreement (GTA) have remained steady for several years.

Now, with a planned reduction in the rates set by the GTA, existing contracts are likely to be scrutinised and renegotiated as CHOs adjust their prices accordingly.

With a rising demand for a truly financially stable CHO as commercial terms are reviewed to ensure future proofing, there has never been a better time to check out WNS Assistance and our credit services provision, Accidents Happen.

Working together with insurers and referrers we offer competitive rates and the best commercial outcomes for our clients. And WNS Assistance also delivers award winning customer service, providing a truly seamless service throughout the claim lifecycle.

Financial stability and unique investment and buying power

WNS Assistance is the UK’s leading provider of services to the motor claims community.

Servicing over 280,000 motor claims and 180,000 repairs per annum across insurer, broker and fleet and clients, our unrivalled knowledge and unique investment and buying power make us the leading domain expert and a trusted provider of motor claims.

What’s more, as a part of WNS Holdings, our clients can also rely on our stability in the marketplace. We are a profitable, cash-generative and financially secure NYSE listed global organisation, with a market capitalisation of over $1bn.

Extensive experience in managing large scale process migrations

In the last three years we have transitioned over 6,000 roles involving many hundreds of processes, and, on average, each month we have approximately five processes in transition for multiple clients involving around 150 roles.

Our dedicated team of transition specialists, each with either PRINCE2 or Six-Sigma black belt certifications, works expertly to ensure implementation is carried out on time and on budget, at minimal risk to client operations.

In house, market leading .Net software and chain automation

Ensuring a seamless approach to our claims management process, we have developed and continually invest in our own in house software, including our market leading .Net web based supply chain automation tools.

Easily integrating with our clients’ and suppliers’ platforms for effective collaborative working and claims transparency, these tools enable greater visibility for effective cost control and customer service, as well as interactive dashboard reporting on areas of risk or trends.

Strict cost control and downtime management

As a part of WNS Assistance, we provide a seamless service, highlighting, at first notification of loss, any claims cases for which credit hire and repair may be available and working to assess the availability of these services.

Delivering every customer’s preferred solution, following our proven processes, our professionals also enable strict cost control and downtime management.

Award winning customer service

Gauging our customer service on positive customer feedback, at WNS Assistance we invite our customers, from across the range of our services, to take part in our surveys. Our scores speak for themselves, with an average score of over 96%.

These results have also been recognised by the industry as a whole and, as well as being chosen as finalists in six out of the seven hotly contested insurance industry awards that we have entered so far in 2015, in March we were chosen as the Commercial Insurance Awards 2015 Fleet Service Provider of the Year.

Reviewing your CHO contracts? Offering competitive rates backed by financial stability, award winning service and outstanding cost control, there’s never been a better time to talk with WNS Assistance.

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