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Credit Hire

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Credit Hire to Keep Your Customers Moving

If a customer has been the victim on a non-fault accident, we will handle the entire claims process on their behalf, ensuring their experience is both hassle- and cost-free.

Accidents Happen partners with some of the UK’s largest hire providers, allowing us to deliver a high-quality vehicle replacement service at a time and location to suit our customers. This combined with our skilled staff and innovative technology means that we are trusted to deliver an outstanding level of service by customers nationwide.

Credit Hire

‘Like For Like’ Vehicle Replacement

If the customer has a need for a vehicle and their own is under six years old, we can arrange a ‘like for like’ replacement vehicle, at no cost to the customer.

With everything being handled by our professional staff, customers can relax and look forward to getting back in the driving seat, knowing everything is being taken care of for them.

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