Case Study

First Central & Parkstone Extend Outsource Services to WNS Assistance

Following the announcement of the inception of the partnership between WNS, Parkstone and First Central, just over one year ago, we are delighted to announce that contracts have been concluded to increase both the volume and scope of services provided by WNS.

The initial relationship was the result of a lengthy market-wide tender process in 2019. After approximately 16 months of trading, and a collegiate approach to the technical setup and ongoing management of the relationship, the parties have agreed to broaden the association by adding third-party repair services, additional non-network management services and out-of-hours intervention services.

Jonathan Guy, Chief Claims Officer at First Central, remarked: “Since partnering with WNS in 2019, we’ve seen considerable improvements to our customer claims experience, built on our mutual desire to create a simple and easy repair journey. Deepening our relationship into third-party repairs is therefore a natural extension for us, and will ensure we deliver great service for all the claims we handle, whether for our customers or others we’re looking after through these difficult times.”

James Boyle, Business Development Director at Parkstone, said: “WNS’ attentive, honest and professional approach, and the desire of all parties for continuous iterative improvements means we are confident and excited about the additional volume and scope we shall soon be adding to WNSA’s current service offering.”

Mark Turner, Chief Commercial Officer at WNS, stated: “The association with Parkstone and First Central is the embodiment of a true partnership. This is reflected in the day-to-day working practices and value-adding initiatives executed by the teams on a regular basis. The extension of our relationship after just 16 months is only possible where there is such a candid and value-driven dynamic.”

To find out more about the services offered by WNS Assistance, please contact our marketing team at

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