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In Brief: A Path Past The PI Reforms

Aug 03 2016
By Jade Ratley

What Are The PI Reforms?

The Government has set out its stall on reforming the way personal injury claims are dealt with for a number of years, with the first changes implemented back in 2010 after Sir Rupert Jackson’s review into civil costs was published.

Imminent Changes Affecting Brokers

“The government will bring forward measures to reduce the excessive costs arising from unnecessary whiplash claims, and expects average savings of £40 to £50 per motor insurance policy to be passed on to customers, including by:

  • removing the right to damages for minor soft tissue injuries
  • removing legal costs by transferring personal injury claims of up to £5,000 to the small claims court.”

George Osborne, Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015

Government figures suggest that whiplash claims cost the country £2bn every year. That adds up to an average of £90 per motor insurance policy.

Targeting these costs, the government expects that, if the proposed changes are implemented in primary law, over £1bn could be removed from the price of providing motor insurance, resulting in lower premiums for customers.

For brokers, safeguarding against future regulation with new ways to claim a competitive edge has become a priority.

Implementing A One Stop Solution For Sustainable Business

At WNS Assistance we have already made the necessary investment to deliver a sustainable approach to motor claims for tomorrow’s world.

With the simple aim to make dealing with customers’ claims easier for our clients, we can manage every aspect of the claim ‘in house’ as a full, end to end service, reducing hand offs to external parties for a seamless claims journey.

Our competitive commercial proposition can deliver revenue without the worries of the impending reforms. We provide a single point of contact for ease of business and peace of mind, as well as the information our clients need to drive their business forward past the loss of non-fault motor income and reduced commissions due to falling premiums.

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