• Linking clients’ own telematics with 24/7/365 FNOL for powerful outcomes
  • Promoting driver safety with rapid response triggers for emergency situations
  • Reducing reporting times for shorter downtimes and cost control
  • Improving the detection of exaggerated and fraudulent claims
  • Substantially reducing fleet operational costs

Combining Telematics With 24/7/365 Service For Safety And Cost Control

At WNS Assistance we are continuously working to transform claims management for our clients and their customers. Offering a collaborative approach to the use of telematics within our processes, our market leading claims automation technology can be configured to work with a range of systems, with 24/7/365 support to ensure fast and efficient reporting and easy information analysis.

Linking telematics with our 24/7/365 FNOL team and dedicated claims managers offers real safety features. Placing driver wellbeing and vehicle security at the fore in the moments proceeding an accident we can proactively make contact, alerting emergency services when pre-agreed parameters are triggered.

What’s more, our service can help speed up the claims process, ensuring driver reporting times are consistently low. In turn helping us to provide fast and efficient service to our customers, as well as optimised third party intervention and assistance.

In fact, cutting notification times to virtually zero, our work with telematics results in compelling savings, with an average saving of over 37% for incoming credit hire packs.

Telematics For Fleet Duty Of Care

Telematics equips fleet managers with a range of risk management techniques, including calculating journey efficiency and driving time, to comply with duty of care obligations.

A range of parameters, determined by the client and their telematics device, can also be configured with our own technology, customised to trigger alerts for a range of scenarios. This enables us to call rapid response services to severe accidents and eliminates ambiguity, as all aspects of the incident have been recorded.

Using Telematics Data To Help Combat Fraud

Delivering powerful data on the zone, angle and severity of the impact, combining telematics with our claims expertise also helps to combat fraudulent and exaggerated claims, which are currently estimated to cost the UK motoring community £2.5 billion a year.

WNS Assistance – Claims Management And Telematics

Telematics - December 2016

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