Fight Fraud, Cut Costs

With one in seven personal injury claims linked to suspected cash for crash cases and the latest ABI statistics showing that fraud across the industry costs our market over £1.3 billion every year, insurance fraud needs to be high on the agenda.

Broker Business – Make More With MotorNet

BIBA CEO, Steve White, warned of a metaphorical ‘perfect insurance storm’ in his opening address at the BIBA Conference this month. As we look ahead toward Brexit, IPT increases and the effects on the market of changes to the Ogden discount rate, it’s clear that businesses with effective and efficient processes, offering true customer service excellence, will be better positioned to weather that storm.

Telematics - A Safe Advantage

Transforming With Telematics

Since telematics was first introduced, some fifteen years ago, it has become a critical tool for fleet managers everywhere. First offering information that was limited to the recording and analysis of journey data, today telematics has advanced to deliver many more features and benefits – for fleet managers and drivers alike.

In Brief: A Path Past The PI Reforms

The Government has set out its stall on reforming the way personal injury claims are dealt with for a number of years, with the first changes implemented back in 2010 after Sir Rupert Jackson’s review into civil costs was published.