Repair Management

Delivering Supply Chain Management Excellence With Pre-Approved Fully Independent Repairers

  • Network of fully independent repairers covering the UK
  • Pre-approved and comprehensively audited for capacity and quality
  • Transparent costs and processes, plus indemnity savings of up to 19%
  • Guaranteed courtesy car and free five year workmanship warranty
  • Full supply chain process automation delivering a seamless Customer Journey

A Transparent Approach To Repair Management

At WNS Assistance we take a distinctive approach to repair management.

Our pre-approved repairers are all fully independent, allowing us to offer our clients truly transparent costs and service, while also supporting our repairer community with a steady stream of work.

Fully Audited For Performance, Capability and Capacity

Regularly and professionally audited, each of our repairers is scored for performance, capability and capacity, delivering a cost effective, high standard of service and a fantastic customer experience.

Our internal team of domain experts in repair management professionally analyse data from the performance of our repairer network (audit, SLA compliance, driver satisfaction feedback) to channel work to the best performing repairers, plan future repair volume, and ensure overlapping repairer postcode to ensure a fast and efficient service, even in periods of high demand.

Quality Guaranteed

What’s more, with WNS Assistance every repair customer is guaranteed to receive a courtesy car, as well as a free five year warranty for quality of workmanship.

Delivering enhanced outcomes for our customers and building better brand perceptions for our clients.

Repair Management

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