Fraud Management

Proactively Triaging To Tackle Fraudulent Claims

  • Dedicated fraud management expertise
  • Automated triaging supported by industry professionals
  • Fraud scoring criteria, intelligence gathering and market leading claims data analytics
  • Protecting clients’ interests and delivering powerful fraud insights

One in seven personal injury claims is linked to suspected cash for crash cases, and that is just the tip of the insurance fraud iceberg. Insurance fraud costs the insurance market as a whole £1.3 billion every year, raising premiums for our customers by as much as £50 per policy. At WNS Assistance we are working with the wider industry to help combat fraudulent claims and protect our clients’ interests.

Automated Triaging At First Notification Of Loss

Working with industry bodies that include the Insurance Fraud Investigators Group (IFIG), as well as Action Fraud and the legal system, our teams at WNS Assistance follow proven processes to tackle insurance fraud head on.

Fast and effective identification of potential cases is key. Every claim reported to us is triaged through our automated process at first notification of loss, using regularly audited fraud scoring criteria and supported by our deep domain expertise.

This proactive approach alerts our teams to high scoring suspected cases of fraud, which are then quickly escalated and reviewed by trained professionals.

In House Fraud Managers Collaborating With Recognised Industry Bodies

Taking a personal approach to every suspected case of insurance fraud, our in house fraud management team works together with IFIG, the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) and the Insurance Fraud Bureau thoroughly yet quickly investigating, reviewing and gathering key facts before initiating any action.

This collaborative approach supports the industry’s shared stance on countering fraud, delivering powerful data to help prevent future cases and to identify key patterns and trends.

WNSA Fraud Management

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