Rapid Repair Launch

In response to the ever-increasing demand for reduced vehicle downtime from Fleet Managers, WNS Assistance has launched a highly innovative service for the resolution of minor accident damage to fleet and private cars. The Rapid Repair service offers a maximum vehicle downtime of just 24 hours for a wide range of damage types and areas. In many instances, vehicles repaired under the scheme will be collected, completed and returned on the same day.

By utilising members of the WNSA Approved Repairer Network for delivery of the service, Rapid Repair ensures vehicles are entered into a fully equipped bodyshop environment. The range of damage can include any panel type, with major services such as wheel alignment also possible due to the extensive range of facilities available. Furthermore, should extra damage be discovered during the Rapid Repair process, the vehicle can be effortlessly converted into the mainstream repair process, minimising the level of disruption to the driver.

As with every single WNSA repair, all work carried out under the Rapid Repair scheme will be completed to the highest standard and protected by our 5 year guarantee. Despite the fact that vehicles will be off the road for a maximum of only 24 hours, drivers will still be provided with a free courtesy car to facilitate mobility during this brief time.

Tim Rankin, Managing Director of WNS Assistance, commented:

"Rapid Repair represents a major new initiative for WNSA that will not only be of great value to our existing clients, but will also be a powerful tool to help us secure new business."

"Our ongoing engagement with our numerous Fleet clients has allowed us to benefit from their insights into the market and identify new areas for innovation. Rapid Repair will serve to fill the gap in the market for a convenient repair option where downtime and inconvenience are minimised with no compromise on quality."

Jan 04, 2012
Julie Hepton