Reducing Vehicle Downtime

Proactively Managing Off Road Times With Our End To End Repair Solution

  • Advanced process automation, reducing vehicle downtime by up to 30%
  • Proactive outbound customer communication via SMS, Phone, Email or App
  • Best practice processes deployed – 78% of vehicles returned on or before schedule
  • Seamless customer journey, rated at 97% for service excellence by Drivers

Getting a vehicle repaired and back on the road quickly and safely following an accident is a priority for Us, our Clients, and our end Customer or Driver.

At WNS Assistance we work hard to actively manage and reduce vehicle downtimes, while also ensuring an outstanding quality of repair is completed together with a great Customer Journey.

Our repair management process starts at first notification of loss, when customers’ vehicles are deployed, in accordance with their preferred booking dates.

Channelling all repairs through our fully independent, UK-wide network, we proactively manage each claim to confirm repair estimates are accurate, best practice repair methodologies are utilised and any delays for parts for example, are anticipated and limited.

This approach allows us to ensure 78% of vehicles are returned to customers on or before the originally estimated date, reducing vehicle off road times by an average of up to 30% compared with the market average.

Regular And Timely Communication

Frequent customer communication is key to delivering great customer experience. Our digital automation is tailored to enable timely updates using each customer’s preferred method of communication – SMS, phone, email or app – before they feel the need to call us.

This is supported by our market leading online software – RepairNet. Delivering the real-time vehicle repair data we require to accurately update customers on the progress of their repair, RepairNet also alerts us to potential delays. This allows us to quickly intervene and expedite the repair, for example by contacting manufacturers to speed delayed parts deliveries, while calling the customer to update them accordingly.

This proactive approach significantly decreases the inbound calls we receive from customer by over two-thirds, while delivering a customer journey that is rated 97% for service excellence.

Reducing Vehicle Downtime

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