Customer Satisfaction

Keeping Your Customers Happy

Maintaining the highest customer satisfaction is central to the service we provide.

Our systems and processes are all designed around delivering the best customer experience to support our client’s business and their brand. Ultimately though it is the passion, commitment and expertise of our people who make it all happen, day in, day out.

With an average customer satisfaction score of over 94% for ratings from ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’ for 2014, we can be depended upon to deliver the levels of customer approval you come to expect in today’s competitive market.

Uniquely, following completion of the vehicle repair, we invite every customer to respond to a survey that is tailored to the individual requirements of our clients.

Central to achieving the highest customer satisfaction levels is the way we proactively contact drivers to keep them regularly updated on the progress of their repair, providing them with the opportunity to raise any issues, which can then immediately be addressed.

At a strategic level, our use of the globally recognised Six-Sigma continuous improvement methodology ensures that every facet of our operation is regularly reviewed, not only to maintain customer service standards, but also to drive up efficiencies overall for the benefit of our clients.


Mr S

Mr S, a Technical Project Manager for a UK developer, damaged the front wing of his BMW 3 Series in March 2015.

As soon as Mr S notified WNS Assistance we took control of the situation, taking particular care to ensure Andrew was always aware of developments with his claim. Mr S comments:

“I didn’t need to think about it – you just kept me updated each step of the way.”

When his vehicle was returned, Mr S couldn’t have been any happier, telling our team: “If I was the Managing Director of the company, I’d be very pleased and proud.”

Mrs J

After her Volvo V60 received a scrape on the front bumper, Mrs J had to wait only five days before her car was repaired and returned.

Aside from the speed of the return, Mrs J was most impressed with the communication provided by WNS and its service partners – and even more impressed by the lengths WNS went to make her feel informed:

“I got one letter that I wasn’t sure about. I rang WNS and spoke to a lady who was very nice and sorted it all out for me.”

And it wasn’t just the WNS operators that impressed Mrs J with their politeness: “Even the guy who dropped the car off was very nice and courteous.”