Analytics Centre Of Excellence

  • Industry focused practices from more than 2,200 analytics experts
  • Combining cutting edge advanced analytics with deep domain expertise

With data being driven both by internal sources – from your claims management systems to your web statistics and CRM – and by external sources – industry, social and public – managing information to a business advantage can prove challenging.

The WNS Analytics Centre of Excellence helps clients across the insurance and motor industries to mine their information for the insights their business needs to move forward powerfully. Helping them to manage risk, make claims cost savings and deliver outstanding customer service – making the right decisions at the right times and in the right places.

We provide a range of services to clients ranging from top global firms to small businesses – from complex data integration to cutting-edge advanced analytics, from big data to personalisation and predictive techniques.

Products And Advanced Analytics Solutions

  • WNS Analytics Decision Engine (WADE)SM – a proprietary analytics solution framework that enables organisations to scale their analytical maturity curve
  • Proprietary digital customer experience management tool
  • Proprietary text mining / machine learning solutions
  • Big data analytics, using virtualisation for data integration

Talent Management

  • A customised career framework to address each individual data science talent
  • Mastermind Training Framework, a technical training program focusing on evolving technologies


Further reading

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