LegalNetEfficiently Cycle Through Legal Claims

LegalNet is our workflow based technology, effectively managing legal claims to heighten handler efficiency and minimise cycle times.

LegalNet-AttachedDocumentsLegalNet-CaseEffortlessly Satisfied Clients

Through the configuration of automated tasks and user alerts, LegalNet delivers, measures and reports a consistently high level of customer service.

Flexible Connectivity

InsurerNet is accessed via the Internet and is compatible with all modern browsers.

Minimal Development

With no software to install, our updates are rolled out quickly and efficiently.


Using latest encryption and Cloud technologies, all sensitive data is securely protected.

Best Practice Dissemination

Consistent process for all users – measured and reported to highlight where configuration can instigate process improvements.

Reduced Process Cycle Times

LegalNet offers process automation and bespoke configuration of workflow based triage, offering total efficiency and organisation.

Intelligent Outcome Management

LegalNet's powerful decision engine enables configuration of sophisticated outcomes, based on rule-based triage and time-bound triggers.

Process Transparency and Control

All processes are measured and reported to configured service levels, with escalation workflow enabling management by exception.

Collaborative Working

All accessed online, our clients can work with their colleagues wherever and whenever they choose.

Powerful Reporting

The reporting tool in LegalNet enables clients to instantly configure and schedule reports, with no intervention required.

For more information

If you would like more information about LegalNet, or any other products and services offered by WNS Assistance, contact our sales team or visit the WNS Legal Assistance website:

Call: 0844 854 0675