Claims Handling

WNS Assistance offer a full range of motor claims handling services, so we are there when your customer needs us most.

Whether our clients require all or part of our claims handling services our flexible and responsive approach, coupled with our market-leading technology enables us to deliver a customer experience that enhances their brand.

Smart technology drives all aspects of a claim, from proactive vehicle booking in as part of the 24/7, 365 days a year First Notification of Loss service, through to fast and meticulous subrogation and loss recovery processes to mitigate the impact for our clients' businesses.

Our technology and discipline apply the same speed, efficiency and transparency to our engineering and repair management services, meaning our customers can benefit from our rigorous network management and superior purchasing power to offer customers a quality repair at a significantly reduced cost.

The experienced claims handling teams at WNS Assistance cover a range of disciplines from managing total loss through accidental damage, to high level personal injury. With teams based in both Ipswich and Manchester, the wide range of skills on offer is a major strength of our business.

Further to this, our workflow systems allow close tracking of performance and delivery that is entirely transparent to our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality and expediency of the service delivered by all the claims disciplines we provide.